Concentration Measurement of Molecules and Ions

ProFoldin offers high throughput assays of various molecules and ions. The assays are used for concentration measurement of chemicals, drugs and ions in pharmaceutical products, environment samples, samples in scientific research projects, buffers, biochemical and chemical reactions. The assays are in 96-well format and based on fluorescence or light absorbance detection.

Amines Primary amines (RNH2)    
Biomolecules Histidine (His) Cysteine (Cys) Amino acids
  Protein Peptide Glutathione (GSH)
  DNA and RNA Coenzyme A (CoA) NADPH, NADH
  Citric acid Tartaric acid  
Detergents and lipids Detergent SDS Detergent CMC
  Phospholipids ß-Octyl glucoside ß-Nonyl glucoside
Drug molecules Carfilzomib Cisplatin  Oxaliplatin
  Polymyxin  Vancomycin  Ciprofloxacin
Metal ions Copper (Cu2+) Nickel (Ni2+) Cobalt (Co2+)
  Calcium (Ca2+) Magnesium (Mg2+) Zinc (Zn2+)
Phosphates  Phosphate (PO43-) Polyphosphate  
Salts and buffer components EDTA DTT Chloride (Cl-)
  Iodide (I-) Sulfate (SO42-)