Protein folding, extraction, purification and analysis


ProFoldin is the leading company in protein folding technology.  Since 2005, ProFoldin’s protein folding columns have been widely employed to make active proteins from inclusion bodies. For membrane protein preparation, ProFoldin offers membrane protein kits for proteins expressed in inclusion bodies and membrane protein extraction kits for proteins expressed in the cell membranes.


Application Products
Fold proteins form inclusion bodies

Protein folding columns

Protein folding plates and solutions

Fold membrane proteins form inclusion bodies Membrane protein folding columns
Extract membrane proteins from cell membranes Membrane protein extraction kit


Membrane protein reconstitution in nanodiscs




30 nm Nanodics from styrene maleic acid copolymer 2:1 and lipids

10 nm Nanodics from styrene maleic acid copolymer 3:1 and lipids

Evaluate protein thermal stability Protein stability and aggregation assay kit
Remove salt from protein solution Desalt columns
Remove DNA/RNA from protein solution Nucleic acid removal kit
Measure Protein concentrations Easy protein assay reagent
Detect proteins by ELISA Super high binding ELISA plates
Study protein-protein/DNA interactions Protein / DNA binding plates