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Drug Discovery, Drug Delivery, and Biochemical Assays
ProFoldin’s products and services are employed by universities, research institutes, biotech
companies, pharmaceutical R&D and research hospitals worldwide in life sciences and drug discovery.

Molecular binding

Highly charged 96-well plates are available for DNA or protein binding.  The biological molecule-bound plates can be used to study the interactions between the bound molecule and other molecules. They can be used for ELISA, studies of interactions between nucleic acids or/and proteins.

Super high binding ELISA plates

Protein / DNA binding plates

Nucleic Acid Binding Blocker

Single-strand DNA binding protein


Gel-shift single-strand DNA binding assay

DNA-Binding Fluorescence Interference Assay Kit 


Molecular separation

Kits are available for removal of DNA / RNA, phosphate or salt.

Nucleic acid removal kit

Protein and DNA Removal Spin-columns

Phosphate removal columns