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Drug Discovery, Drug Delivery, and Biochemical Assays
ProFoldin’s products and services are employed by universities, research institutes, biotech
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Enzymes and Substrates

We offer various drug target enzymes and substrates. Please click the product link for price information or place an order online. You may also contact us for a quote. We offer discount rates for bulk orders.

Human enzymes 



DNA topoisomerases


DNA polymerases


Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase

RNA polymerase


Viral enzymes

RNA polymerase


Enzyme substrates and templates for polymerases


  • Supercoiled DNA for DNA relaxation assays (Catalog No.SDNA-050UG)
  • Relaxed DNA for DNA supercoiling assays (Catalog No.RDNA-050UG)
  • Concatenated DNA for DNA relaxation assays (Catalog No.KDNA-100)
  • Nicked DNA for DNA ligase assay (Catalog No.NLA100K-DNA)
  • DNA template for human DNA polymerase alpha assay (Catalog No.HDPA100K-DNA)
  • DNA template for human DNA polymerase beta assay (Catalog No.DPB100K-DNA)
  • DNA template for human DNA polymerase gamma assay (Catalog No.DPG100K-DNA)
  • DNA template for mitochondrial RNA polymerase assay (Catalog No.MRPA100K-DNA)
  • DNA template for E. coli RNA polymerase assay (Catalog No.RPA100K-DNA)
  • DNA template for S. aureus RNA polymerase assay (Catalog No.RPA100KS-DNA)
  • DNA template for bacteriophage T7 RNA polymerase assay (Catalog No.T7RPA100K-DNA)
  • DNA template for M-MLV reverse transcriptase assay (Catalog No.MLV100K-DNA)
  • DNA template for HIV reverse transcriptase assay (Catalog No.HIV100K-DNA)
  • DNA template for AMV reverse transcriptase assay (Catalog No.AMV100K-DNA)
  • RNA template for viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase assay (Catalog No.VRT100K-RNA)
  • RNA template for E. coli polynucleotide phosphorylase assay (Catalog No.PNP100K-RNA)
  • DNA template for E. coli DNA primase assay (Catalog No.EGA100K-DNA)
  • DNA template for H. influenza DNA primase assay (Catalog No.HGA100K-DNA)
  • DNA template for S. pneumonia DNA primase assay (Catalog No.PGA100K-DNA)
  • DNA template for S. aureus DNA primase assay (Catalog No.AGA100K-DNA)
  • MurC substrate - UDP-MurNAc (Catalog No.MURC-SUB1)
  • MurD substrate - UDP-MurNAc-L-Ala (Catalog No.MURD-SUB1)
  • MurE substarte - UDP-MurNAc-dipeptide (Catalog No.MURE-SUB1)
  • MurF substarte - UDP-MurNAc-tripeptide (Catalog No.MURF-SUB1)



Bacterial enzymes and proteins


DNA gyrases

DNA helicase

DNA ligase

DNA polymerase

DNA primase

DNA topoisomerase I

DNA topoisomerase II 

See DNA gyrase 


DNA topoisomerase IV (the parC-parE complex)

DNA-binding protein


Methylerythritol phosphate cytidyltransferase (IspD)






PncB (Nicotinate phosphoribosyltransferase)

RNA polymerase

UDP-N-acetylglucosamine pyrophosphorylase (GlmU)