Penicillin Drug Stability

Penicillin drugs such as Penicillin G and Penicillin V can be hydrolyzed to form penicilloic acid during storage or transportation due to various reasons including the following:  (1) the temperature is too high; (2)  the solution  pH is not optimal for stabilization; or (3) the sample contains lactamase.  The hydrolyzed penicillin drug molecule is thermodynamically more stable than the non-hydrolyzed one but completely inactive.

Penicillin Drug Stability Test Kit (Catalog number PST100)

The Penicillin Drug Stability Test Kit (Catalog number PST100) provides a reagent that quickly detects the hydrolyzed form of penicillin drugs including the commonly used Penicillin G and Penicillin V. The reagent, Dye PST, interacts with alpha-amino acids which are the hydrolysis products of penicillin drugs and generates fluorescence at 535 nm with excitation wavelength at 485 nm.  The background signal with the non-hydrolyzed penicillin drugs is very low.

The kit can be used to detect hydrolysis of penicillin drugs.  It can also be used to detect the lactamase activity using penicillin as a substrate.