Membrane protein folding tools


Spin-column Membrane Protein Folding Screen Kit

(Catalog # MFC01-20)   


The Spin-column Membrane Protein Folding Screen Kit (catalog # MFC01-20) is specifically designed for folding membrane proteins from urea-solubilized inclusion bodies or other protein aggregates.  The kit is composed of 20 protein folding spin columns and Reagents A, B and C.  The 20 spin-columns represent 20 different conditions with various detergents and lipids that form micelles and bicelles.  The micellar and bicellar environments facilitate folding receptors, ion channels and other membrane proteins.  When the active protein is identified, preparative columns with the specific condition (the column number) are available for large-scale preparations of the folded membrane proteins.  For price and ordering information, please click here or go the How to order page to click the product name. For small-scale preparative membrane protein folding column set (10 spin columns with the same number representing the same protein folding condition, please click the product link:
























Preparative Membrane Protein Folding Column Sets


The Preparative Membrane Protein Folding Column Sets are used for preparative membrane protein folding after the folding condition has been identified by the Spin-column Membrane Protein Folding Screen Kit (Catalog # MFC01-20).  The column number represents the specific folding condition.  Each Column Set includes 4 identical preparative protein folding columns and reagents for folding about 5 - 10 mg of urea-solubilized inclusion body proteins.  For price and ordering information, please click the catalog numbers below or go the How to order page to click the product name.


Catalog numbers:

MFC01  (condition #1)    MFC02  (condition #2)        

MFC03  (condition #3)    MFC04  (condition #4)        

MFC05  (condition #5)    MFC06  (condition #6)    

MFC07  (condition #7)    MFC08  (condition #8)       

MFC09  (condition #9)    MFC10  (condition #10)      

MFC11  (condition #11)  MFC12  (condition #12) 

MFC13  (condition #13)  MFC14  (condition #14)       

MFC15  (condition #15)  MFC16  (condition #16)    

MFC17  (condition #17)  MFC18  (condition #18)     

MFC19  (condition #19)  MFC20  (condition #20)





Dilution Membrane Protein Folding Screen Kit    

MPS01-20 (Conditions #1 to #20)


The Dilution Membrane Protein Folding Screen Kit (catalog # MPS01-20) provides 20 optimized conditions for screens of membrane protein folding conditions.  About 70 micrograms of urea-solubilized proteins from inclusion bodies are used for each condition.  Once the folding conditions are identified, preparative folding kits (see catalog numbers below) are available for preparative scale folding.  Each preparative folding kit is for folding of 5 mg of urea-solubilized proteins.  For price and ordering information, please click the catalog numbers or go to the How to order page.


Dilution Preparative Membrane Protein Folding Kits


MPP01  (condition #1)         MPP02  (condition #2)        

MPP03  (condition #3)         MPP04  (condition #4)        

MPP05  (condition #5)         MPP06  (condition #6)     

MPP07  (condition #7)         MPP08  (condition # 8)       

MPP09  (condition #9)         MPP10  (condition #10)      

MPP11  (condition #11)       MPP12  (condition #12)  

MPP13  (condition #13)       MPP14  (condition #14)       

MPP15  (condition #15)       MPP16  (condition #16)      

MPP17  (condition #17)       MPP18  (condition #18)     

MPP19  (condition #19)       MPP20  (condition #20)




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