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Beta Octyl Glucoside Assay

The Beta Octyl Glucoside (ß-OG) Assay Kit is for measurement of detergent ß-OG at concentrations below its CMC value.  The assay is based on the principle that ß-OG interacts with the dye and enhances the light absorbance at 580 nm.  It is compatible with most buffers and salts.   It is not compatible with phosphate.  Molecules such as ATP or ADP that release phosphate may interfere with the assay.

The assay does not detect beta nonyl glucoside (ß-NG) or SDS.  Please use Beta Nonyl Glucoside (ß-NG) Assay Kit (Catalog # NG100K) for measurement of ß-NG concentrations; NanoGram SDS Assay Kit (Catalog # SDS200) for measurement of SDS concentrations; and Detergent Assay Kit (Catalog # DAK1000) for other detergents.

The Beta Octyl Glucoside (ß-OG) Assay Kit includes 10 ml of Reagent 1, 5 ml of dilution buffer  and 0.1 ml of 100 x Dye for OG.  It is for measurement of 100 samples using 96-well plates. A cuvette may also be used for the measurement of detergent concentrations.