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Tissue staining

The Selective Tissue Staining Fluorescence Dye (Catalog No. TS100) is a polyamine-based fluorescence dye. The dye is highly positively charged and binds negatively charges molecules such as glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) which are negatively-charged polysaccharide molecules commonly present in mammalian tissues.  It can be used for staining of tissues in histology. It may also be used for visualization of negatively charged surfaces of cells, tissues or particles. The fluorescence emission wavelength is 535 nm (excitation at 485 nm). The dye binds tightly negatively charged surfaces and allows extensive washing to achieve a low background.

The dye has been used to stain tissues of human placenta, human umbilical cord, human heart, rat colon, rat skin and rat liver.

The Selective Tissue Staining Fluorescence Dye (Catalog No. TS100) contains 0.1 ml of 1000 x stock solution.