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Drug Discovery, Drug Delivery, and Biochemical Assays
ProFoldin’s products and services are employed by universities, research institutes, biotech
companies, pharmaceutical R&D and research hospitals worldwide in life sciences and drug discovery.


Drug Target Assays
Anticancer target assays Antibacterial drug target assays
  Human DNA Polymerase Alpha Assay    Bacterial RNA polymerase assays
  Human DNA Polymerase Beta Assay    Bacterial DNA polymerase assays
  Human DNA Polymerase Gamma Assay   Bacterial DNA topoisomerase assays
  Gel-Based Human Topo I DNA relaxation Assay    Bacterial DNA primase assays
  Human Topoisomerase I DNA Relaxation Assay   Bacterial DNA helicase assays
  96-Well Human Topo II DNA Decatenation Assay   Bacterial DNA ligase assays
  Gel-based Human Topo II DNA Decatenation Assay   Bacterial protease assays
  Spin-Column Human Topo II DNA Decatenation Assay    Bacterial kinase assays
  Human Thymidylate Kinase Assay    Bacterial cell wall enzyme assays
  Human poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 assay   Other bacterial drug target assays
  Human Mitochondrial ClpP Protease Assay    
  Human Mitochondrial RNA Polymerase Assay Antiviral drug target assays
      SARS-Cov-2  RNA polymerase assay
General drug target assays   Viral (Flavivirus) RdRp Assay
  DNA Relaxation and Supercoiling Assays   HCMV DNA Polymerase Assay
  DNA decatenation assays   T7 RNA Polymerase Assay 
  DNA helicase assays   AMV Reverse Transcriptase Assay
  MicroMolar Universal Kinase Assay    HIV Reverse Transcriptase Assay
  Ultra-sensitive High-throughput Protease Assay   M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase Assay 
Concentration Measurement 
Amines Detergent and Lipids
  Primary Amine Assay   Beta Nonyl Glucoside (ß-NG) Assay 
      Beta Octyl Glucoside (ß-OG) Assay 
Biomolecules   Detergent assay
  ADP Assay   Detergent CMC Assay
  Amino Acid Assay   Lipid Assay
  Citrate Assay    SDS Assay
  Coenzyme A Assay    
  Cysteine Assay Drug Molecules
  DNA Assay    Carfilzomib Assay 
  GDP assay    Ciprofloxacin Assay
  Glutathione Assay    Cisplatin Assay 
  Histidine Assay    Oxaliplatin Assay 
  NADH Assay    Penicillin Drug Stability Test 
  NADPH Assay   Polymyxin Assay
  Peptide Assay    Vancomycin Assay
  Hydrophobic Peptide Assay    
  Peptide Derivative Assay Salt and Buffer Components
  Phosphatidylcholine Assay   Chloride Assay
  Protein Assay    DTT Assays: Colorimetric assay, Fluorescence  assay
  Tartrate Assay    EDTA Assay
  UDP Assay    Iodide Assay
      Polyphosphate Assay
Metal Ions   Phosphate Assays: Colorimetric assay, Fluorescence assay
  Calcium / Magnesium Assay   Sulfate Assay
  Copper Assay     
  Nickel / Cobalt Assay     
  Zinc Assay    
Protein Science
  Spin-Column Protein Folding Screen    Membrane Protein Extraction 
  Spin-column Membrane Protein Folding Screen    Protein stability and aggregation Assay
  96-Well Protein Folding Plate    
Binding and Separation
Binding Separation
  Gel Shift Single-strand DNA Binding Assay   DNA-Binding Fluorescence Interference Assay
  E. coli single-strand DNA binding protein    Micro Phosphate Removal Column Set 
  96-well Super High Binding ELISA Plates      Protein and DNA Removal Spin-columns 
  DNA–binding Plates   Micro desalting spin column set
  Anionic Protein-binding Plates   Nucleic Acid Removal
  Cationic Protein-binding Plates    
Liposomes and Nanodiscs
Liposomal Research Tools Liposomal Drugs
  Spin-columns for Liposome Purification    Liposomal doxorubicin
  Lipid Bilayer Permeability Disruption Assay   Liposomal ciprofloxacin
  Liposome Drug Dissolution Assay    Liposomal Dyes
  Liposome Drug Encapsulation Assay  Liposomal Ions and Small Molecules
  Liposome Plasma Stability Test Kit     
Liposomes for Drug Loading    
  Ready-to-load DPPC Liposomes with Ammonium Sulfate    Nanodiscs 
  Ready-to-load DPPC Liposomes with Ammonium Tartrate    Styrene - Maleic Acid Copolymer 2:1 
  Ready-to-load PEGylated HSPC Liposomes   Styrene - Maleic Acid Copolymer 3:1