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Bacterial Thymidylate Kinase Assays

Thymidylate kinase is an important enzyme in the dTTP synthesis pathway for DNA synthesis. The function of this enzyme is to catalyze the phosphorylation of dTMP using ATP to form dTDP and ADP.

dTMP   +   ATP       =          dTDP    +    ADP

Thymidylate kinase is an attractive antibacterial target.  The thymidylate kinase assay is based on measurement of ADP generated from the kinase reaction.  The assay is fluorescence-based and can be carried out using regular black 96-well or 384-well plates or micro-cuvettes.

E. coliThymidylate Kinase Assay Kit Plus (Catalog number: TMK100KE)

E. coliThymidylate Kinase Assay Kit Plus-500 (Catalog number: TMK500KE)