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Protein and DNA removal

The Protein and DNA Removal Columns are designed to separate small molecules and liposomes from proteins, DNA and RNAs.  The columns can be used for separation of free drugs and liposome-encapsulated drugs from protein-bound or DNA-bound drugs, free ligands from receptor-bound ligands. They can also be used for preparation of HPLC samples by removing the DNA or proteins from biological samples.  

The column resin is highly charged and binds DNA, RNA and proteins. The binding between the biological molecules and the column resin is mainly charge-charge interactions.  Hydrophobic interactions may also contribute to the binding.  The proteins, nucleic acids and protein-bound drug stay on the column while the small polar molecules or liposomes are in the elute.  Small but very hydrophobic molecules may also bind to the column.

The Protein and DNA Removal Spin-columns (Catalog number:  PNR020) contains 20 pre-packed spin-columns. The binding capacity of the spin columns is more than 0.10 mg of protein or 0.02 mg of DNA per column.