Topoisomerase assay kit
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DNA gyrase– DNA supercoiling assay


DNA topoisomerases such as bacterial topoisomerase II (gyrase) convert relaxed circular DNA into supercoiled DNA.  The DNA Topoisomerase II (Gyrase) Assay Kit is based on the principle that the supercoiled DNA and relaxed DNA yield different fluorescent intensity when interact with fluorescence dye H19.  The relaxed DNA suppresses the fluorescent intensity much more than the supercoiled DNA.  Therefore, when the relaxed DNA is converted into its supercoiled form, the fluorescent signal increases.  The change of fluorescence intensity is used to measure the supercoiling reaction.


For Gel-based E. coli gyrase DNA supercoiling assay kit, please click here.

Bacterial gyrase DNA supercoiling assays

H19 Dye for DNA Relaxation and Supercoiling Assays (Catalog number: DSA1000D)

DNA Gyrase Assay Kit (Catalog No. DSA020K)

E. coli DNA Gyrase Assay Kit Plus (Catalog No. DSA020KE)

E. coli DNA Gyrase Assay Kit Plus-100 (Catalog No. DSA100KE)

S. aureus Gyrase DNA Supercoiling Assay Kit Plus (Catalog No. DSA020KSE)

S. aureus Gyrase DNA Supercoiling Assay Kit Plus-100 (Catalog No. DSA100KSE)

P. aeruginosa Gyrase DNA Supercoiling Assay Kit Plus (Catalog No. DSA100KP)


Bacterial gyrase ATPase assays

E. coli gyrase ATPase assay Kit Plus (Catalog No. T2A-100KE)

S. aureus gyrase ATPase assay Kit Plus(Catalog No. T2A-100KS)

P. aeruginosa Gyrase ATPase assay Kit Plus (Catalog No. T2A-100KP)


Bacterial gyrase DNA cleavage assays

96-well E. coli Gyrase DNA Cleavage Assay Kit Plus (Catalog No. T2C96KE)

96-well Topoisomerase DNA Cleavage Assay Kit (Catalog No. TDC96K)

Relaxed DNA substrate and gyrases

Relaxed plasmid DNA - 0.050 mg (Catalog No. RDNA-050UG)

Relaxed Plasmid DNA -1 mg (Catalog No. RDNA-1MG)

E. coli gyrase for 100 assays (Catalog No. TOP2-100EC)



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