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Columns for folding soluble proteins

Spin-Column Protein Folding Screen Kit  (Catalog #:  SFC01-10)

The screen kit is an easy-to-use and effective tool for optimization of protein folding conditions.  The screen kit includes reagents and 10 different protein folding spin-columns (Column #1 to Column #10). The 10 different columns represent the 10 most promising folding conditions.  

Large-Scale Preparative Protein Folding Column Set

PFC01   PFC02   PFC03   PFC04   PFC05   PFC06   PFC07   PFC08   PFC09   PFC10

The large-scale set  is designed for large-scale (5 -10 mg) preparative protein folding experiments after the optimal folding condition has been identified by the screen kit (SFC01-10).  The column set includes 4 identical preparative protein folding columns and reagents.  The buffer condition of each column is identical to one of the 10 columns in the screen kit. 


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