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NAD+ Kinase Assays

NAD+kinaseconverts NAD+into NADP+by phosphorylation in the presence of ATP.  NADP+plays key roles in energy transduction and various biochemical process including DNA repair, protein modification and cell signaling.  

 NAD+   +   ATP      =          NADP+   +    ADP

NAD+kinaseis an attractive antibacterial target.  The NAD+kinaseassay is based on measurement of ADP generated from the kinase reaction.  The assay is fluorescence-based and can be carried out using regular black 96-well or 384-well plates or micro-cuvettes.

E. coli NAD+Kinase Assay Kit Plus-100 (Catalog number: NAK100KE)

E. coli NAD+Kinase Assay Kit Plus-500 (Catalog number: NAK500KE)