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MicroMolar Universal Kinase Assays  

The MicroMolar Universal Kinase Assay Kit is based on measurement of ADP generated from the kinase reaction.  It is used to measure the activities of purified kinases producing ADP at concentrations ranging from 0.1 mM to 10 mM. 

Substrate  +   ATP       =          Phosphorylated substrate   +    ADP

The assay is fluorescence-based and can be carried out using regular black or white 96-well or 384-well plates or micro-cuvettes.  It is important to avoid using unnecessarily high ATP concentrations in the kinase assays for the following reasons.  One is to allow the assay to detect ATP-competitive inhibitors.  The other is to avoid a high ADP background from ADP contamination in the ATP samples.  It is recommended to use ATP concentrations at 20 µM (micromolar).


MicroMolar Universal Kinase Assay Kit (Catalog Number: MUK100K)

MicroMolar Universal Kinase Assay Kit-1000 (Catalog Number: MUK1000K)