Topoisomerase assay kit
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Human topoisomerase I – DNA relaxation assay
Human topoisomerase I relaxes supercoiled plasmid DNA to form relaxed DNA. The Human DNA topoisomerase I assay is based on the principle that the supercoiled DNA and relaxed DNA yield different fluorescent intensity when interact with fluorescence dye H19. The relaxed DNA suppresses the fluorescent intensity much more than the supercoiled DNA. Therefore, when the supercoiled DNA is converted into its relaxed form, the fluorescent signal decreases. The change of fluorescence intensity is used to measure the relaxation reaction.


Human DNA topoisomerase I assay kits Catalog No.
Human Topoisomerase I DNA Relaxation Assay Kit  HRA020K 
Human Topoisomerase I DNA Relaxation Assay Kit -100  HRA100K 
Human Topoisomerase I DNA Relaxation Assay Kit Plus -100  HRA100KE
Human Topoisomerase I DNA Relaxation Assay Kit Plus -1000  HRA1000KE
Human Topoisomerase I DNA Relaxation Assay HTS Kit  HRA1000
Human DNA topoisomerase I enzyme, DNA substrate and assay buffer Catalog No.
Human Topoisomerase I, 10,000 Units   HTOPI-010 
Human Topoisomerase I, 100,000 Units   HTOPI-100
Supercoiled Plasmid DNA -1 mg SDNA-1MG
Supercoiled plasmid DNA - 0.050 mg SDNA-050UG


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