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Liposome Drug Dissolution Assay

Liposome drug dissolution is release of the encapsulated drug into the medium of the liposome.  The in vitro liposomal drug dissolution test is performed under certain chemical and physical pressure to simulate the release of the encapsulated drug.  For liposomes with encapsulated drugs by pH gradient remote loading, ammonium salt is added in the medium to accelerate the drug release.  The Liposome Drug Dissolution Assay kit(Catalog number LDD05) is designed to analyze liposome drug  dissolution under optimized conditions.  The released drug is removed by  spin-column and the intact liposome is quantified.

The Liposome Drug Dissolution Assay kit(Catalog number LDD05) includes 40 pre-packed spin columns, 1.5 ml of 10 x dissolution buffer and 10 ml of elution buffer. It is for 5 drug dissolution assay tests of liposomal drug samples at the selected temperature.