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Bacterial D-Alanine : D-Alanine Ligase Assays

D-Alanine-D-Alanine is one of the building blocks in peptidoglycan biosynthesis in bacteria.  This dipeptide is generated by ligation between two D-Alanine molecules catalyzed by D-Alanine : D-Alanine ligase.  The ligation reaction is coupled to the hydrolysis of ATP forming ADP and inorganic phosphate.

The E. coli D-Alanine : D-Alanine Ligase Assayis based on measurement of the inorganic phosphate generated from the D-Alanine : D-Alanine ligation reaction.  The inorganic phosphate is detected by light absorbance at 650 nm. The assay reactions and detection can be performed by using 384-well or 96-well assay plates. Alternatively, the assay reaction can be carried out in Eppendorf tubes and the signal is measured using a cuvette. The high throughput assay can be used for screening inhibitors of E.coli D-Alanine : D-Alanine ligase in drug discovery research.  It may also be used for characterization of E.coli D-Alanine : D-Alanine ligase.

E. coli D-Alanine: D-Alanine Ligase Assay Kit Plus-100 (Catalog No. DDA100KE)

E. coli D-Alanine: D-Alanine Ligase Assay Kit Plus -500 (Catalog No. DDA500KE)