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Drug Discovery, Drug Delivery, and Biochemical Assays
ProFoldin’s products and services are employed by universities, research institutes, biotech
companies, pharmaceutical R&D and research hospitals worldwide in life sciences and drug discovery.
ProFoldin offers products and services of drug discovery, drug delivery and biochemical assays. The products and services are widely employed by academic research in life sciences and pharmaceutical industries around the world.

High Throughput Assays for Drug Targets and Enzymes

High throughput assays for tests of inhibition or IC50 measurement of compounds against various drug targets and enzymes including:



Liposome Products for Drug Delivery and Life Science

Liposomes and liposome research tools for drug delivery and liposome science research and applications:



Concentration Measurement of Chemicals and Ions

High throughput assays for concentration measurement of chemicals, drugs and ions in pharmaceutical products, environment samples and samples in scientific research projects including:



Protein Folding, Extraction, Purification and Analysis

Protein science research tools for protein folding, extraction, purification and analysis including:



ELISA, Molecular Binding and Separation

Molecular binding and separation tools for ELISA, binding between macromolecules and removal of specific molecules or ions from a solution including:



Molecular Tracking, Staining and Transmembrane Delivery

Fluorescence dyes for tracking liposomes, cell membrane fusion, drug delivery and tissue staining including: