Liposome technology and products


ProFoldin offers novel liposome technology and liposome and nanodisc products for drug delivery and life science. We offer:

          - Innovative technology for preparation of various liposomes in scales suitable for research projects and industrial production.  

          - PEGylated and non-PEGylated empty liposomes that are ready for loading various drugs using different loading mechanisms.

          - Liposomes encapsulated with selected drugs for research.

          - Liposomes encapsulated with various ions or biomolecules for trans-membranes delivery.

          - Liposomes encapsulated fluorescence dyes or biomarkers for tracking the liposomes in biological systems.

          - Liposomes for reconstitution of membrane receptors, transporters, ion channels, proton pumps, drug pumps or other membrane proteins.

          - Various tools for liposome preparation, purification and analysis.

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