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Drug Discovery, Drug Delivery, and Biochemical Assays
ProFoldin’s products and services are employed by universities, research institutes, biotech
companies, pharmaceutical R&D and research hospitals worldwide in life sciences and drug discovery.
Kinase Assays

ProFoldin provides fluorescence-based high throughput kinase assays. These kinase assays are based on detection of ADP produced in the kinase reactions.  The assay sensitivity of ADP detection is sub-micromolar.

Kinase assays

             MicroMolar Universal Kinase Assay

             Human Thymidylate Kinase Assay

             Bacterial Thymidylate Kinase Assay

             Bacterial Guanylate Kinase Assay

             Bacterial UMP Kinase Assay

             Bacterial NAD+ Kinase Assay