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Iodide Assay

Iodide is an important ingredient of various products. The MicroMolar Iodide Assay Kit (Catalog number MIA200) provides a quick and simple method for quantification of iodide in solutions. The assay is based on measurement of fluorescence intensity at 535 nm (excitation 485 nm).  The assay linear range is 0.1 µM – 5 µM.  Samples with higher iodide concentrations can be diluted to be in the linear range. The assay is compatible with a 10 mM HEPES buffer.  It is not compatible with solutions containing heavy metal ions or thiol compounds.

The MicroMolar Iodide Assay Kit (catalog number MIA200) includes 40 µl of 100 x Reagent A, 40 µl of 100 x Reagent B, 200 µl of 100 x fluorescence dye  and 50 µl of 10 mM potassium iodide solution. It is for measurement of 200 samples using 96-well plates.  Cuvettes may also be used for measurements.