Custom Enzyme Activity Assay


This service is to answer the basic questions of enzyme preparations:  Is this enzyme active? If it is active, what is the specific activity of this particular batch of enzyme preparation?  The specific activity is defined by the substrate turnover in 30 min at room temperature per unit weight of enzyme under the given reaction conditions.

ProFoldin has developed various enzyme assays. Typically the enzyme assays are spectrophotometric or fluorescence-based and high throughput.  Enzymes with assays available include DNA topoisomerases, DNA polymerases, RNA polymerases, DNA primases, DNA ligases, DNA helicases, PARP-1, proteases, kinases , ATPases, MurA, MurC, MurD, MurE and MurF and other enzymes.  ProFoldin also offers services on assay development of custom enzymes if a spectrophotometric or fluorescence-based assay is not available at ProFoldin.

Please fill in the Custom Enzyme Activity Assay Request Form and send it to  For price information and online credit card payment, please click Custom Enzyme Activity Assay Service.