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96-well Cationic Protein-binding Plates (transparent)

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The 96-well Protein-binding Plates can be used to study specific protein-protein, protein-nucleic acid or protein-ligand interactions.  The Cationic Protein-binding Plates bind positively charged proteins.  Since the bound-proteins often maintain their native confirmation and their catalytic or binding activities, the bound protein can be recognized by a second molecule that specifically interacts with the bound protein.  The second molecule can be a conformation-specific antibody, a protein, a peptide, a nucleic acid or a small molecule such as a receptor ligand, an enzyme inhibitor, or a drug molecule.  The second molecule can be detected by biochemical or biophysical methods.  The binding reactions in the 96-well plate format may be used for screening libraries of nucleic acids, peptides or drugs that specifically interact with the bound protein.


The unit price is for a pack of 4 plates.


Please notice: If the plates are used to study protein – nucleic acid interaction, it is recommended to block the non-specific interactions with the Nucleic Acid Binding Blocker (Catalog number NBP96N) after the protein has bound to the plate.