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96-well DNA–binding Plates (Transparent)

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The DNA-binding plates are coated with cations that interact with nucleic acids which are anions.  Since the binding is based on charge-charge interactions, the plates may also be used for RNA binding.  If the bound DNA is a single-strand DNA, the bound DNA can specifically recognize its complementary strand by G-C and A-T base pairing.  Therefore, the 96-well DNA-binding plates can be potentially used for studies of nucleic acid – nucleic acid interactions or nucleic acid – protein interactions.  The transparent background of the plate provides an option of detection of the bound molecules based on light absorbance. 

The unit price is for a pack of 4 plates.

Please notice: If the plates are used to study nucleic acid – nucleic acid interaction, it is recommended to block the non-specific interactions with the Nucleic Acid Binding Blocker (Catalog number NBP96N) after the first nucleic acid has bound to the plate.